Can I Get My Flu Shot and COVID-19 Booster at the Same Time?

Published: December 20, 2022
Barbara Young
By Barbara Young, PharmD

Yes, most people can get their flu shot and COVID-19 booster at the same time. A pharmacist answers the most common questions about getting the two vaccines at once.

Will both shots work as well if I get them at the same time?
Several clinical studies have found that getting both shots at the same time will not affect your response to the vaccine.

Will the side effects be worse if I get both shots at the same time?
Generally speaking, no. While you may have side effects from getting the shots, they are unlikely to be substantially worse for most people getting the flu vaccine along with the COVID-19 booster.

Will my arm hurt even more after two shots?
Experts usually recommend getting one shot in each arm (one for the booster and the other one for the flu shot) to minimize the discomfort. In general, trying to keep your arm muscle relaxed as you get the injection will minimize the pain and swelling.

Other tips are to move and flex the muscle in the immediate hours after getting the shot. If you do have pain and swelling, you can apply ice or a warm compress.

If you have concerns about getting your COVID-19 booster shot and flu shot at the same time, be sure to ask your pharmacist or other healthcare provider. It is important to get vaccines on time, so getting both shots at the same time is a great choice for most people.

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