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About ASHP

  • ASHP is the 30,000-member national professional association comprised of pharmacists who work with doctors and other health professionals in:
    • Hospitals,
    • Ambulatory care clinics, and
    • Long-term care and home care facilities.
  • ASHP's mission is to support pharmacists in helping people use medications safely and effectively.
  • Hospital and health-system pharmacists are licensed medication experts with at least five years of highly specialized pharmacy education. They often have completed doctoral degrees in pharmacy (Pharm. D.) and post-graduate residency programs. Health-system pharmacists:
    • Evaluate new medications and advise physicians and other health care professionals about the safest and most effective drug therapies for individual patients,
    • Monitor every stage of medication therapy to improve drug effectiveness,
    • Provide critical safety and drug quality checks to prevent harmful drug interactions or reactions and potential mistakes,
    • Work under sterile conditions to create compounds that patients receive intravenously,
    • Supervise the dispensing and distribution of medication, and
    • Counsel patients on the appropriate use of medicines.